Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a small selection of Frequently Asked Questions that arise when the topic of optimal clinical dosing arises.

We intend to add to this page as new questions are asked.

FAQ Correct Dosing

When lower drug dose proves clinically sufficient, obvious advantages are the greater tolerability and safety, along with the reduced use of manufacture consumables and costs, i.e. ‘less can be more’.

We have focussed on the largest studies and some of our interpretation of the data may initially appear counter-intuitive. Benefit must exceed harms, especially in long term prescribing, best achieved by accurate diagnosis and drug targeting, which all continue to improve. For the individual patient, harms overtake benefits as dose is increased, creating essentially a ‘J-curve’.. It has recently become apparent that the maximum useful daily maintenance dose of aspirin is substantially less than the 100-150 mg popularly prescribed, increasing persistent unintended, unfavourable effects long term. The median maximum useful dose may be nearer 50 mg, or less. Safety requires avoidance of excess dose.

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