Correct doses save lives

‘All things are poison, and nothing is without poison;
the dosage alone makes it so a thing is not a poison’
Paracelsus 1493-1541

Are you prescribing the correct dose?

This website has been created to share research and dosing tables to guide medical professionals as they seek to achieve correct dosing of drugs for their patients. Optimal dosing assures our ability to maximise both benefits and safety. Access to downloadable materials is only AU$19.50 per year for professional access and AU$9.50 per year for medical student access, and you can cancel at any time.

Lower doses are sufficient

Lower doses are often sufficient when drugs are well targeted, and improve wellbeing, and are appropriate in stable disease and prevention. 
Doses should be moderated when drugs are used in combination (polypharmacy), because of the high risk of interactions and increased side effects.

Lower doses are safer

Drugs are safer and often sufficient at doses below the middle of the dose response curve (effective dose 50). Total mortality (which summates drug benefits and harms) in the largest placebo-controlled clinical trials after stroke or heart attack was not improved with (mean) daily doses over: 30 mg of aspirin, 40mg pravastatin (equivalent to 2 mg atorvastatin!), 25 mg metoprolol

Aspirin dosing example

With increased dose, e.g. aspirin, benefits plateau and may be overtaken by the inevitable increases in a variety of adverse effects, some potentially lethal.

aspiring dosing
dosing above ed50

Dosing below or near ED50

Dosing below or near ED50 is safer and resembles not pushing the ‘revs’ in a motor vehicle past half-way to the red (maximum, Emax).

Prescribing of many drugs, e.g. antidepressants and statins, can be way into the red.

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Statin Dose Table sample from the Correct Dosing site

Correct Dosing and Hypertension

Website contributor, Professor Simon Dimmitt, was a guest on the podcast, This Medical Life, in which he discussed the concept of correct dosing in relation to hypertension treatment and maintenance.

Prescribing Aspirin

Website contributor, Professor Simon Dimmitt, returned as a guest on the podcast, This Medical Life, to contribute to episode 32, Aspirin: From Poultices To Pills.

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