Correct Dosing In Relation To Hypertension Treatment And Maintenance

Correct Dosing In Relation To Hypertension Treatment And Maintenance | Title image from This Medical Life Podcast

Website contributor, Professor Simon Dimmitt, was a guest on the podcast, This Medical Life.

His appearance, on episode 23 entitled, Hypertension: Too Much Of A Good Thing?, provided the opportunity to discuss the concept of correct dosing in relation to hypertension treatment and maintenance.

The story of hypertension

Podcast host, Dr Travis Brown, begins the episode with stories about the first ever recorded blood pressure, which was done by Stephen Hales in 1733, with a glass tube inserted into the artery of a horse.

He notes it would be well over a century for before non-invasive techniques to measure blood pressure would be developed, and a further century to understand its significance.

Professor Dimmitt was invited to contribute to the discussion because hypertension has become one of the most common conditions facing General Practitioners and there are questions about whether our pursuit of lower blood pressure is causing unnecessary harm due to overprescribing medication, and/or increasing doses with little to no benefit.

Listen to Professor Simon Dimmitt on This Medical Life

You can listen to Professor Dimmitt’s contribution in this player, below. This Medical Life can also be listened to by subscribing to the podcast using your favourite podcast listening app and searching for This Medical Life.

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